Welcome to Flair For Care!

Why should you choose Massage Therapy?
Whether you have shoulder pain and headache from sitting in front the computer all day, or you feel soreness and tightness from the 10K run or hard workout you did yesterday, the discomfort is caused by overworked muscles. Massage therapy is geared towards speeding up the elimination of waste products, breaking up adhesion in muscles, and aiding the release of hormonal substances effecting the body's capability of self-healing.

Want to get back to a healthy injury free life?

Flair For Care focuses on getting you back to where you want in the shortest amount of time. A personalized massage session will be designed specifically to match your needs depending on the type and duration of your injury or pain. My overall aim is to help you understand what you can do to gain and maintain optimal health and perform at your best long after your massage sessions end.

What to expect at your first visit?
On your first visit, an assessment will be performed to help pinpoint and evaluate the areas of postural dysfunction, muscular imbalances, muscle tension, and/or lack of flexibility that need to be addressed. When possible causes have been identified, they will be targeted through different massage techniques and varied based on your feedback.  Corrective actions, e.g., strengthening and stretching exercises, may be suggested to enhance and maintain your results.