Lisbeth Geertsen, MS, CMT, CES

I’m a Certified Massage Therapist (CAMTC# 23015) within the state of California. To more effectively hone in on the cause of pain and enhance functional movement, I’ve obtained certifications Functional Movement Systems (FMS) and RockTape and as a Corrective Exercise Specialist. I’ve completed internships as a massage therapist for the De Anza College Cross Country Team, Track & Field Team, and the Women’s Soccer Team. In addition to my practice, I also treat the dancers at San Jose Ballet and was part of the Wellness Team for US Open Championship Golf June 2012.

I completed my bachelor’s degree in psychology in Denmark in 2005 and went on to earn my master of science in organizational psychology at SJSU. Originally, I planned on pursuing a career in organizational development at one of the big tech companies in Silicon Valley. While working in the fast-paced tech world, I found balance and sanctuary in running and biking, but an injury led me down a path that changed my vision for the future.

In 2006, debilitating hip pain put a sudden stop to my running while training for my second marathon. I sought help from several doctors, who weren’t able to identify the cause or an effective treatment, and the hip pain worsened to a degree where even walking was painful. Then I met a sports massage therapist, who in a single 1 hour session aided my recovery so significantly that I was able to walk pain free for the first time in six months, and I knew I had found my calling.

During my massage therapy studies at De Anza College, I was drawn to sports massage, myofascial release and trigger point release because of the rehabilitative aspects. I was introduced to the concepts. I was introduced to the concepts of muscle re-educations and how compensations patterns due to pain and injuries can become so well embedded that nerve impulses stop firing appropriately and limit optimal functional movement. More importantly, I learned how massage therapy can help correct these compensation patterns in combination with corrective exercises, thereby eliminating pain and aiding injury rehabilitation. It was this approach of re-educating the muscles and movement patterns that finally helped me back to long distance running. In October 2011 I completed my first ½ marathon in 5 years, and this milestone solidified my focus for massage therapy. Thus, my overall aim will always be reducing pain and restoring function as quickly and fully as possible while emphasizing how you gain and maintain optimal health and performance.     

The philosophy behind Flair For Care is to keep you my first and foremost priority. This include a systemic approach, your active participation, and referring out to MD's, chiropractors, physical therapists etc.  if necessary.

Systemic Approach:
I research every condition I encounter in order to make sure I understand the specifics of what you are dealing with and whether or not I can help relief you of it. This also means that I will systematically treat different areas or specific muscles in order to identify what causes your pain and discomfort.

Active Client Participation:
To optimize and sustain healing, you are strongly encouraged to participate. I can provide you with corrective exercises and stretches as well as suggestions for actions that can break the cycle perpetuating your pain, but only you can do them.

Referring Out:
I want to facilitate your healing, but I acknowledge that not all conditions are within my expertise and scope of practice. In these cases I will refer you to better resources that can help alleviate your condition.


  • Premiere Spine & Sport; CMT at their chiropractic, physical therapy and rehab facility
  • San Jose Ballet; provide massage therapy to the dancers
  • De Anza College Track & Field Team, Cross Country Team, & Women's Soccer Team
  • Beauty Clinica Day Spa, independent contractor 2008-2009
  • Hortonworks - corporate massage July 2012-present

  • 2012 US Open Golf June 11-17; Wellness Team 
  • 2012 Junior Olympics Waterpolo at Stanford
  • 2012 Bay Area Senior Games at Stanford
  • Race to the end of Summer, San Jose 2012
  • Women's Wellness Weekend, Stillheart 2011
  • Title 9K Race in Sunnyvale, 2011