Flair for Corporate Care!

Our Goal
Our overarching goal is to provide you and your company the best combination of wellness initiatives possible, and make it easy for you to implement, maintain and track the results. You can choose to go with only one or two of the options as well - there is no minimum.

Our Corporate Services
Our massage approach has always been sports massage as this type of massage utilize specific applications of massage techniques and range of motion/flexibility protocols to achieve a specific goal. We have successfully provided this type of high quality massage therapy to companies and at events since 2011 and continue to do so, as the efforts put forth in company settings are very similar in intensity to those of an athlete.

Personal training is offered in a small group setting and our trainers work with the individual to learn what approach best fit the needs and goals. We offer 50 min. boot camps as well as 20 min. express workouts. Don't stress if: providing an indoor room is not a possibility - we can take the workout to a park nearby, or showers are not present at your facility - we can schedule the workout at the end of the workday so employees can workout and go home.

Nutritional Seminars lasting 60 min. provide valuable information and Q&A's for healthy eating habits, whether you are looking for insights into healthy eating for busy professionals, navigating food/restaurants menus, weight loss strategies, smart supermarket shopping, or Paleo, Atkins, Gluten-free or raw food diet. Our dietitian is registered and also able to provide individual counseling.

Provider Quality

Our massage therapists all demonstrate a highly developed touch and comprehensive knowledge about anatomy, physiology and kinesiology. They are certified within the state of California, which mean they have a min. of 500 hrs of accredited education, and everyone is covered by professional liability insurance. 

Our personal trainers are highly skilled at assessing individual fitness, establishing fitness goals based on the assessment and motivating clients to reach these goals. They are certified through NASM, ACSM, or NSCA and everyone is covered by their own professional liability insurance.

Our dietitian is a Registered Dietitian. She does seminars of various topics on nutrition (mentioned above) and can also offer individualized, personalized and scientifically-based nutrition counseling ranging from daily meal planning, analysis of current diet, effective body weight management, and strategies for combatting nutrition-related concerns such as GI-upset.

We regard our providers with outmost respect and intend to foster a mutual long-term relationship to avoid the interruption of constantly changing therapists and trainers. We maintain all records pertaining to provider qualifications and insurance to minimize your risk.

Quoting and Planning

When you contact us we will seek to get all the important information about your company‚Äôs needs in order to give as accurate and transparent a quote as possible. We include all potential costs, so there will be no surprises on the final bill. 


If you have any questions or would like more information, please give us a call at 650-452-2711.