I combine various soft tissue techniques to optimize the healing process. The techniques include but are not limited to cross fiber friction that targets specific points of tenderness and tightness (the specificity allows me to access the deeper tissue), positional release, myofascial release, trigger point pressure release, moving release and PNF stretching. 
  • 30 min. session $60
  • 60 min. session $100
  • 90 min. session $150
  • 4 x 60 min. session (5% off)
  • 8 x 60 min. session (10% off)
  • 12 x 60 min. session (20% off)

Personal Training:

I specialize in making you functionally stronger - not necessarily lighter (although it often follows). I have a keen eye for what you need to do to optimize functional movement and perform exercises with correct form which will translate into other activities in your life e.g., your current favorite activity (or one you would like to get back into). 

The first session of a personal training program consists of a thorough intake interview and assessment to determine your goals, level of fitness and level of functional movement. In the event of current issues, I utilize the functional movement screen to gauge where dysfunctional movement patterns reside, in order to target and correct for these in your individual training program.  In the following sessions I continually assess your progress and will adapt the exercises to match your skill level and will lead you to your goal.

When you bring your buddy along you will both get an individualized training program.

      1 person:

  • 60 min: $100 per person
  • 5 x 60 min. package (10% off): $450 per person
  • 10 x 60 min. package (15% off): $850 per person

     Me-&-My-Buddy (2 persons - can only be used when 2 persons are present):

  • 1 hour: $75 per person
  • 5 x 60 min. package (10% off): $675 for 2 persons ($337.5 per person)
  • 10 x 60 min. package (15% off): $1275 for 2 persons ($637.4 per person)

Joint function is partly dependent on force-couple relations between the various muscles attaching to the specific joint. If there is a muscle imbalance, overactive muscles in one direction and underactive muscles in the other direction are typically the cause. The results from massage therapy is longer lasting when combined with exercises that targets these imbalances. However, personal training can be taken independently or in conjunction with massage therapy.

      Massage & Exercise Therapy:
  • 60 min. massage and corrective exercise: $100 per person

Functional Movement Screen (FMS):

FMS is an assessment tool that can predict the risk of injury. The screen consists of seven thoroughly researched exercises that will reveal any functional dysfunctions or asymmetries that may contribute to increase the risk of injury.

  • $75 per assessment (as a stand alone)

Kinesio-Taping with RockTape:

Kinesio-taping facilitates and support functional movement as well as decrease pressure on pain receptors, so it can be a very effective in improving performance.

I use Rock-Tape as I have found it to be the tape that yield the best results in terms of adhesiveness, elasticity, and supporting movement and posture in general. It also works fantastically if you are pregnant and need release from the weight of your belly. 

  • $15-40 (as a stand alone)


The session
As the therapist I will determine how best to perform a therapeutic session to meet your need. I will take directives any time in regards to preferences of pressure and areas that you would like to have avoided.

Cancellation policy
A minimum of 24 hours cancellation notice prior to the scheduled session is required.  Late cancellations and no-shows will be charged full price.

Client confidentiality
Client confidentiality outside of the massage session is of highest priority; Client lists and email lists are confidential and will not be shared with outside companies.

Massage therapy on minors
I may provide massage therapy for minors under 18 with parental consent. Parents must call to schedule the session and sign a parental consent form that will be kept on file.

Disrobing for a session
Partial disrobing may be recommended for your massage session. I will make sure that the environment is very safe and full attention will be given to proper draping. Feel free to let me know if you have any questions or concerns.